How do I set up the Forza canister filter?

When starting the canister filter please make sure both hoses and the canister filter is empty. One hose will attach to the inlet U-bar and strainer, attach the other end of this hose to the Red connection of the quick disconnect valve. The second hose will attach to the outlet U-bar and the Blue connection on the quick disconnect valve.  The elbow connection attaches to either the outlet nozzle or the outlet spray bar. Please make sure the lever on the quick disconnect valve is pulled up or in the closed position. Next you can suction the output and input fitting sets to your tank to set them in place.  Next assemble the trays inside the Forza. Next attach the quick disconnect valve to the to the top of the Forza, keeping it in the locked position with the lever up. Next press down the lever on the quick disconnect valve to unlock it and water will start flowing into the Forza. As soon as you hear water flowing into the Forza plug it into a GFCI outlet. The machine should begin to filter water and push water out of the outlet within 5 minutes. If needed you can push air out of the canister by pulling up and pushing down on the priming shaft one time.  If air is still trapped inside the Forza you can gently rock the canister back and forth which will push air out of the canister.

A setup video for the Forza canister filter can be found here:

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